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Interactive Presentations 

Mountain lake

On Indigenous Land

This is more of an intro to Indigenous Awareness Building intended to create a shared field of understanding with your group ~ We all carry pieces of knowledge & understanding of our Indigenous Hosts & their experience, i will be sharing mine from a heart'centered, roots up approach with the intent to create more connection & awareness ~

Heartfelt Land Acknowledgement

To do a “Land Acknowledgement” without recognizing & stating how you’re contributing to / supporting your Indigenous Hosts in their returning to strength is entirely self serving ~ In this presentation, you will be guided & encouraged to state how it is you are honoring your Indigenous Hosts by putting your privilege to right use ~


Regardless of who you & where you’re from our Ancestors have been through & endured so very much & this impacts everything ~ I’ll share from my heart & Indigenous world view how lineage trauma influences our current state and provide a way of relating & connecting with this bigger than life concept of Ancestry Connection ~

Cost of Interactive Presentations 

Groups of 50 or less attendees


Groups of 50 -100 attendees


Groups of 100 -200 attendees


Groups of 200 -500 attendees


These presentations are 60 minutes but could be 90

for the same cost if requested

Each presentation involves some degree of group

connection & sharing

There is an additional fee of $500 for a workshop to be

recorded with limited 1 month acces

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