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Interactive Presentations 

Mountain lake

We Are The Land

Invite me to share about the interconnectedness of land and people and how this impacts the development of culture, language and way of life ~ Understand more how owe relate to Homeland and the influence of lineage trauma in humanities current state with Mother Earth ~

Trauma Origins of

Invite me to share my Indigenous world view on the concept of “whiteness” and understand more about how this relates to lineage trauma ~ We’ll feel into how this impacts being on stolen Indigenous land and the many things involved in our journey of reparations ~

Heartfelt Land Acknowledgement 

To do a “Land Acknowledgement” without recognizing & stating how you’re contributing to / supporting your Indigenous Hosts in their returning to strength is entirely self serving ~ In this presentation, you will be guided & encouraged to state how it is you are honoring your Indigenous Hosts by putting your privilege to right use ~

Your Ancestors
Miss You

Regardless of who you and where you’re from our Ancestors have been through and endured so very much and this impacts everything ~ I’ll share from my heart and Indigenous world view how lineage trauma influences our current state and provide a way of relating and connecting with this bigger than life concept of Ancestry Connection ~

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