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Personal Sessions


This session Down To Earth Consult is for folks who are a part of an already existing group, project, company or organization that's engaging or would like to engage more with their Indigenous Host, invite more Indigenous involvement & are at a loss of how to move forward in a good way, often with deep hearted inquiries & a sincere desire to "not offend" ~ In this session, you’ll be asked to ground into 3-5 questions for me ~ You’re permitted to have up to 5 people present for this consult ~

  See if this session is a fit for you by booking this shorter "First Contact" session

Down To Earth Consult

In this Down To Earth Consult you’ll have the opportunity to ask me the questions in your heart in regards to the ways in which you already engage with Indigenous right relationship making ~ I will answer in full hearted transparency, calling upon the lived insight & cultural based reflections that have come from a life time of having a direct relationship with this healing relationship between our Ancestors & their descendants who occupy this lands we share ~ Affirming that i do not speak for ‘all Indigenous People’, but from the results of a well honoured experience of my own Indigeniety ~

Find Your Ally Path - Guided Session

In this Find Your Ally Path session you'll be guided through a series of questions that will help me help you find what your path of allyship might look like & how i feel you might be able to offer support in a grounded & appropriate way ~ This is in honor of your Practice of Right Use of Privilege in recognition of your Indigenous Hosts & the countless sacrifices made so we can live in the privilege we do today ~

This Find Your Ally Path - Guided Session is for you if you at times feel somewhat at a loss of where to begin & how to give back & contribute to journey your Indigenous Hosts are in of reparation & reclamation ~

  See if this session is a fit for you by booking this shorter "First Contact" session

Ancestry Connection - Guided Session

Source from my lived-Indigenous experience, in this Intro to Ancestry Connection Guided Session you'll be guided into greater understanding of what Ancestral Connection means for you & how this impacts & influences you on a heart level ~ Receive insight as to how to deepen into this & what the value is of connecting more with this aspect of your human experience ~

This Ancestry Connection - Guided Session is for you if you feel a heart open curiousity & maybe don't know where to start but are willing to lean in & understand more about what Ancestry Connection means for you ~

  See if this session is a fit for you by booking this shorter "First Contact" session

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