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At The Heart Of It

We’ve each been colonized & this impacts everything ~


I understand this to be the deciding factor that determines the outcomes & informs interactions between our healing Ancestors ~ Life has shaped me in such a way to share understanding about this, in heartfelt, in-depth & empowering ways ~


I hold my hands up to the Elders, Mentors & Village that raised me, to the many

Aunties & deep feeling relatives that kept me in my heart & accountable to my emotions,

to the Ceremony that gave my Spirit a home ~


I was born during a time of tremendous healing with a responsibility

to the generations to come & because of this i dedicate much of my healing

journey to creating more opportunities for understanding & connection to

untangle this mess we're all in ~


I honor the place in your heart that cares deeply for the Indigenous People,

I honor the unwitnessed truths in your being that need a place to be ~


This is where we meet ~

Image by Alessandro Sacchi

5 Guiding Points of Clarity for
Indigenous Right Relationship Making

These are the foundational understandings upon which this awareness building work is rooted from ~ These words are directly from my heart & are a reflection of my lived-Indigenous-experience ~

It's a meeting place of what needs to be said &

what needs to be heard ~

On This Shared Path of Indigenous Right Relationship Making:

( 1 )

You belong to your Ancestors & the unending timeless

lineage of loved ones who brought you into existence

Let’s feel into what’s needed to deepen into this &

 breathe life into the places where they live in you


( 2 )

You benefit from the countless sacrifices of your

Indigenous Hosts, it’s not your fault but it’s your

responsibility to learn how & show up in the impact

Let’s learn together what it means to put your 

privilege to right use in recognition of this


( 3 )

We belong closer & vulnerability is earned

Let’s lean into the hard to see places & reveal the tender 

truths that will bring our hearts near one another ~


( 4 )

It’s not possible to engage in meaningful change 

without the risk of being uncomfortable

Let’s be curious together in the discovery of wholesome discomfort ~


( 5 )

We’ve been brought together for reasons

that are bigger than us, there are unspoken truths

living through you, awaiting your full hearted arrival

Let’s hear one another in deep & power’filled ways ~

Image by Filip Zrnzević

This Indigenous Awareness Building approach i offer is for you if...

(may include but not required or expected)


 You are interested in offering services to Indigenous communities 

& wish to do so in a knowledgeable & respectful way 

• • •

 You currently work with an Indigenous based organization 

& wish to create a stronger connection  

• • •

 You are willing to understand the hurts in your own Ancestry & the long term impact of 

having been colonized & don't know how to do this or where to even start 

• • •

 You would like to invite the involvement of Indigenous people to your organization, 

company, gathering, conference or project and wish to do so in a respectful & honoring way 

• • •

 You have a desire to understand more about the long term impact of colonization  

• • •

 You have taken courses & read books & would like a very 

real life interaction with someone who’s been through it 

• • •

 You are willing to hear the truth of what happened & how it is today  

• • •

Image by Storiès

Commonly asked questions in regards to this Indigenous Awareness Building work i offer:

How do I not be offensive?

⇨ The fears & concerns behind this question are symptoms of a bigger underlying truth ~ The very existence of this question is an indicator that life is returning to long neglected hurt places ~ Underneith this question, at it's roots, is compassion wanting a place to go ~


It is just for white people?

⇨  This is for anyone wanting to be less ignorant in relation to the underlying factors that influence the current state of relations between the First Peoples & Settler Peoples ~


⇨  This involves a lot of discussion around the influence of "white people" because this is what has contributed to the origins of how we got to be where we are now ~


( ( ( ( ( (  • • • What wants to be asked but isn't asked out loud • • • ) ) ) ) ) )


Am I going to get shamed for being ignorant?

⇨  No. The greater powers to be have done a good job at keeping people in the dark in relation to many things, including the truth about the First Peoples of this land ~


⇨  You will be in a group of people who have all experienced the impacts of this & want to change it, starting with themselves ~


Am I going to be uncomfortable?

⇨  Yes. Just like with any meaningful change, it isn’t possible to do this work & make any kind of significant progress without the risk of discomfort ~


{ { { From This Indigenous Heart  } } }


It took a long time to get to the current state we’re in & the fact that we can be 

with one another in this way is evidence of how far we’ve come.

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