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Image by Goutham Krishna
First Contact Session

This session will give us the opportunity to get a sense of where we're both coming from & if working together will be fit ~ We'll touch in on a heart level & ground into what could be possible ~ There can be up to 4 people present at this meeting ~

$25 for a 30-35 minute session


This is for you if you've

taken part in either a: 

• Weekend Long or Daylong Workshop

• 4 or 6 Part Online Series 

I'd love to hear how things have been for you & where the impact of our time together has taken you 

Free for Previous Participants


This is intended to nourish the process of receiving what was shared during our time together ~ You'll be guided and facilitated in such a way that is aimed to result in greater clarity and understanding of what you received & the impact of this ~

$75 for a 60 minute session

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