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Ancestry Connection

6 Month “Ancestry Connection Mentorship” Journey

Based on the:
“6 Guiding Points of Clarity for Ancestry Connection”

🏔 🌲 Fall / Winter ☔️ 🍂

September 2024 - February 2025 

Apply by August 10th 2024

Accepting 10 Participants

🌸 🦋 Spring / Summer 🌿 🐾

March 2025 - August 2025 

Apply by February 10th 2025

Accepting 10 Participants

Heart’Centered Intention: calling upon my lived-Indigenous experience, my intent is to share from this place in support of your journey of Ancestral Connection journey by offering guidance, tool, insight & practices.

The 6 Rotating Themes for each month include:

One on One

Heart to Heart Sessions

• • •

6 Sessions in total, book one a month, guidance based on your goals

Optional Worksheets & processes to do at your own pace

• • •

Based in part by what your goals & inspriations are, you may also be given practices

Open House

online event 

• • •

2nd Wednesday of each month

7:00-8:30pm, open to Part-time Participants

• • • Tier 1 • • •

Full-Time Particpant

Fee covers 6 month cycle || Pay all at once or monthly

Recieve: Guided Intake Call, 6 one on one 60 minute guided sessions, supportive worksheets, access to monthly zoom calls + their recordings for your 6 month duration.

Sliding Scale
Option 1

Sliding Scale
Option 2

Sliding Scale
Option 3

• • • Tier 2 • • •

Paired Particpant

Fee covers 6 month cycle || Pay all at once or monthly

Pair with your spouse/partner, a family member, a dear friend. All calls would be scheduled at the same time.

Recieve: Guided Intake Call, 6 one on one 90 minute guided sessions, supportive worksheets, access to monthly zoom calls + their recordings for your 6 month duration.

Sliding Scale
Option 1

Sliding Scale
Option 2

Sliding Scale
Option 3

• • • Tier 3 • • •

Part-Time Particpant → Monthly Group Calls

Fee covers 6 month cycle || Pay all at once 

Receive: Access to Our Monthly Themed Zoom Session Happening on the 2nd Wednesday of each month 7:00-8:30pm

Sliding Scale
Option 1

Sliding Scale
Option 2

Sliding Scale
Option 3

This is for you if:

** may include but not limited to **

You have an interest or curiousity in Ancestry Connection but don't know where to start or what this means

 You long for a sense of belonging that’s grounded in something bigger than you

You come from a lineage that was displaced from roots & you are on a journey of returning

You’re someone with a capacity to feel bigger than life things & want to fill this capacity with something as powerful as Ancestral connection

You want to be more grounded with a stronger foundation for the big things you were put here for

You see the value of this journey but feel at a loss as to where to start

You already have an existing connection to ancestry and want to go deeper

You're already deep in your Ancestry Connection journey & would like to experience my Indigenous perspective

At The Heart Of It

{ • From The Indigenous Facilitator • }

… is the desire to offer guidance and facilitation in relation Ancestral connection. Sourced from my Indigenous upbringing, i understand Ancestry to be interwoven into every aspect this human experience, it is something i have in abundance. As i understand when we have lots of something, the natural inclination is to share it. In my Indigenous world view, connection to Ancestry is your foundation and the world needs more rooted people. At the heart of it is an inspired curiosity of how land shapes and informs cultures, how lineage patterns take form and the many forms that reclamation takes in all the walks of life. i’m here to guide the process and ask the questions that arrive us more clear and grounded in this bigger journey of Ancestral Connection.

Get started by filling out this 6 question Intake Form, the majority of the questions are basic logistics, with 1 heart'based one that might require a bit of inner-reflection


6 Guiding Points of Clarity for Ancestry Connection

The Essence

Guiding Points of Clarity

Pathway of Deeper Understanding

Supportive Materials

( 1 )


• • •

September 2024

When you honor your roots,  you strengthen everything grows from them ~
Let’s lean into what this might mean with curiosity & ease ~

~ Understanding Ancestry as foundation & all the ways this impacts other aspects of life ~

*Guided Drum Journey*

( 2 )


• • •

October 2024

Ancestry is more then just the People of 
your lineage, Ancestry is land & the culture 
that grew out of it ~

Let’s explore what this means & the many influences that shape the story of your lineage ~

~ Understanding the influence on land / environment on it’s inhabitants & how this can be a source of strength & insight & beauty ~

“We are the land”

( 3 )


• • •

November 2024

Your Ancestors have been through a lot & have experienced loss & atrocity, many things have tried to obliterate all forms of goodness in your linage & you are living, loving proof it didn’t work  ~

Let’s celebrate, cultivate & reclaim the strengths that have remained that want to live & give through you ~

~ Understanding the many forms of goodness that survived which can be called upon & used to sustain the bigger journey of Ancestry Connection~


Stock-piling Goodness to Sustain The Journey

( 4 )


• • •

December 2024

We can only go as deep as we feel safe ~ 
Ancestry Connection is a privilege & is evidence 
of the access to the feelings of safety required 
for this practice to exist in your life 

Let’s understand the many forms that safety takes & how this privilege of Ancestry connection can impact all aspects of this journey ~

~ Understanding the many forms that safety takes & the things that uphold & nourish this safety & how this directly informs access to the depth & degree you can go in your journey ~

“Deep Soul Safety Indictors”

( 5 )


• • •

January 2025

There are hurts in need of healing & strengths in
need of honoring, passed on from your Ancestors 

Let’s deepen into awareness of these truths, one heart beat at a time ~

~ Understanding how to deepen into connection with the many things that are living through us, in our blood memory so as to be empowered & informed ~

“Ancestral Archetypes Practice”

( 6 )


• • •

February 2025

Your Ancestors want to love you in sacred ways ~

Let’s understand what this means & how we can let them~

~ Understanding what it means to be immensely loved & what the bigger picture impact of this might be ~

“Intergener-ational Inter-Kin’ection”

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