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Learning Resources


Laying The Foundation with

Ancestral Connection

Basics of Ancestral Connection

The Essence
of Your
Ancestral Connection

This can serve as either a starting point in this exploration or as a tool of summorizing what you've come to discovery in your joruney already

"Because i Have Ancestors"

Drum Journey Integration

There are many ways to explore, unpack & integrate such a journey, if writing it out feels like it serves that's what this worksheet is in support of

Deep Dive Ancestral Understanding

Peer Support & Learning

Call upon the connection of like minded / like heart folks & explore together the learning resources provided, initiate actions together or simply connect in a more open hearted way.

Group Support Calls

This will provide an opportunity to "cross pollonate & intergrate" together, as well as provide a time to ask questions, request support & initiate actions or connections.

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