Heart to Heart

    Indigenous Relations Consultation


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    We’ve each been colonized & this impacts everything ~


    I understand this to be the deciding factor that determines the outcomes & informs interactions between our healing Ancestors ~ Life has shaped me in such a way to share understanding about this, in heartfelt, in-depth & empowering ways ~


    I hold my hands up to the Elders, Mentors & Village that raised me, to the many Aunties & deep feeling relatives that kept me in my heart & accountable to my emotions, to the Ceremony that gave my spirit a home ~


    I was born during a time of tremendous healing with a responsibility to the generations to come ~


    I honor the place in your heart that cares deeply for the Indigenous People, I honor the unwitnessed truths in your being that need a place to be ~


    This is where we meet ~

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    - on line & in person -

    **ON LINE**

    {{ Intro to Indigenous Awareness Building }}

    90 minute Online Presentation - Ongoing

    Get a sense of the lay of the land in regards to the journey of Indigenous Right Relationship Making, what your role is in this & what's involved. This presentation is for anyone wanting to be more informed & less ignorant & is intended to give you a sense of what i offer, how i offer it & what my approach is like.


    Check out my eventbrite page for details:


    **ON LINE**

    {{ Indigenous Awareness Building }}

    - Practicing Ally Pod Formation -

    6 part series - Oct.11th - Nov.15th - Monday's 7pm-8:30pm


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    ♡ This offering is intended to deepen your awareness of what it means to be on Indigenous Land & what your place is in regards to this.

    ♡ You are being asked to step in the direction of wholesome discomfort & lean into the learning, growing & feeling involved in this journey of coming back into Right Relationship with your Indigenous Hosts.

    ♡ Because of the heart'filled nature of this work, you are asked not to do this alone.

    ♡ This series is designed to support you in cultivating a common ground connection with a group of 2-3 other like'minded / like'hearted folks.

    ♡ You will all be part of the bigger group experience designed with your smaller group in mind, in cultivation of a common ground experience to bring you closer.


    Eventbrite link for this 6 part sereis:


    **IN PERSON**

    {{ Indigenous Awareness Intensive}}

    - Weekend Long In Person Event -

    Friday September 24th - Sunday, September 26th


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    ( may include but is not limited to )


    ♡ You are interested in offering services to Indigenous communities & wish to do so in a knowledgeable & respectful way ~

    ♡ You currently work with an Indigenous based organization & wish to create a stronger connection ~

    ♡ You are willing to understand how the hurts in your own Ancestry effects being in right relationship with the First Peoples & the long term impact of having been colonized & don't know how to do this or where to even start ~

    ♡ You would like to invite the involvement of Indigenous people to your organization, company, gathering, conference or project and wish to do so in a respectful & honoring way ~

    ♡ You have a desire to understand more about the long term impact of colonization ~

    ♡ You have taken courses & read books & would like a very real life interaction with someone who’s been through it ~

    ♡ You have lived experiences with Indigenous People directly & would like to understand these more in depth from heart centered & an informed place ~

    ♡ You are willing to hear the truth of what happened & how it is today ~


    Eventbrite link for this weekend long event:


  • {{ Online Presentation by Request }}

    90 minute engaging, heart'filled workshops to choose from

    for your company, organization or place of work

    The Heart of Racism

    You aren't a bad person, you're just uninformed


    Like many forms of trauma influenced conditioning, racism is a source of hurt that has become normalized to the point that folks can’t see what’s right in front of them ~ Often times ‘being racist’ is viewed as a direct attack on a persons innate goodness as a human & folks rush to defend this above all else, failing to see that they are in fact ignorant because things were designed to keep them that way, reinforcing the undertones of racism interwoven in daily life ~ In this presention, you'll be receiving what's resulted from much integration, deep heart processing, big admitting & self reflecting, all put into a this contribution to the bigger journey of unpacking this concept of racism ~


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


    Right Use of Privilege Statement

    Not The "Land Acknowledgement

    Workshop" You Expect


    To do a “Land Acknowledgement” without recognizing & stating how you’re contributing to / supporting your Hosts in their returning to strength is entirely self serving ~ It can take time, reflection, inner enquiry & some lived research to fully understand how to show up in Right Use of Privilege as a Practicing Ally ~ By acknowledging the land you're standing on, you are indirectly acknowledging what’s happened to it, how it got to be the way it is, the people who call it Home, as you benefit from their sacrfices ~ In this presentation, you will guided & encouraged to state how it is you are honoring your Indigenous Hosts by putting your privilege to right use ~


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


    Being "White" Is A Cultural Concept

    The origins & impacts of "whiteness",

    from the roots up


    If “white” were to be traced back to its ethnic origins, it wouldn’t have one ~ Europe is a huge land mass & going from one region to another there are vast differences ~ When someone says they're “white” its not describing the culture, land & people their roots are from, it’s about describing relationship to power ~ We will be getting into this, how whiteness formed, why it exists, what purpose it serves, what are some of it's impacts & how it's upheld, all from my Indigenous world view & in relation to coming back into right relationship with your Hosts ~


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


    The Anatomy of Settler Guilt

    Unlocking The Goodness Stuck in Guilt


    This offering is inspired by a common thing i hear from folks whose path has led them to working with me: the enormous amount of guilt they feel on behalf of their Ancestors, their race, their own human species ~ Unchecked, unexamined guilt as a motivating source in Allyship is like using damp kindling that fills the space with smoke, clouding the vision & keep deep breaths shallow & limited ~ We will be unpacking the many compents of "Settler Guilt" with helpful guidance & suggestions on how to move in & on & through it ~


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~

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    ~ Like a forest with strong roots, you need each other ~

    Initiate an "Indigenous Awareness Committee" At Your Place of Work

    Form a group of 3 - 5 in your place of work whose purpose is to have an element of honoring Indigenous People present in what you do


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


    This 4 part series will provide you & your team with the tools, awareness & guidance needed to move forward in a clear & grounded way ~ Come together in the shared epxerience of a 4 part series designed & facilitated with your group in mind / in heart ~ Through the intake process we'll discover what it is you're hoping will come of this, some possible goals, needs & hopes ~ After our time together, you'll be given a workbook with materials to support your committees ongoing endevours ~ Also included are 3 feed back consultation sessions to help nourish & sustain the central fire of goals & outcomes ~


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


    Be Guided in the Formation of a "Practicing Ally Pod"

    You & a group of 2-3 others who want to support

    one another in your Pratice of Allyship to

    Indigenous Peoples.


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


    With a number of different levels of engagement, you & your Pod can decide the approach that best suites your needs, hopes & desires as group ~ At the heart of it is the recognition that far too often, folks are isolated in their exprience of care & concern for their Indigenous Hosts ~ This isolation greatly limits what they can contribute & give back in recognition of the many sacrifices made for them to live in the privilege they live ~ Like a forest with strong roots, you need each other ~ Root in together in the common experience of Practicng Ally Pod ~


    ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~ ♡ ~


  • About Pulxaneeks

    Pulxaneeks (Pul-ha-neeks) is from the Eagle Clan of the Haisla First Nation with Nuchanulth and Lummi Ancestry.

    Her path of being a group facilitator, program designer & event producer was sparked 24 years ago & has been applied in a wide diversity of ways throughout her life.
    Her background includes cultural based youth outreach with First Nations youth who are considered ‘high risk’, Elder Care & Child Care. ​
    Pulxaneeks was raised both in the Indigenous village she was born to as well as in & among the colonial construct of mainstream "Canadian" society. The work she offers of Indigenous Awareness Building comes from the unique understanding that has come from being exposed to both cultures.

    Pulxaneeks is a living, loving result of the coastal Indigenous village that raised her & all that survived in the lineage she was born to. She holds her hands up & honours the Elders, Mentors & huge family whose love she is a living result of & the Ancestors whose strength & resilience is flowing through her veins.


  • {{ Let's Connect }}


    Acknowledging at this time the vulnerability involved in this journey of building right relationship with the Indigenous peoples ~ My Elders share that vulnerability & strength are the same thing ~ Honouring the place in your heart that is guiding you to reach out at this time ~ On the other side of this reach out is a conversation that's been in need of happening & a silence that awaits breaking ~ Let your spirit feel big like the sky & put into words what brought you to this website, to this place where our paths meet ~